Based at Ahmedabad since 1990, Acme Environment Control System specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing and promoting customized industrial and commercial outlet air curtains.Our experience in the air curtain industry has helped us gain insights into the finer elements of air curtain making, which contributes towards providing better and effective air barriers for environment separation to our buyers.

The quest for keeping our customers satisfied has resulted into developing the widest range of air curtains with flame proof & non flameproof motors ( conventional centrally mounted motor air curtains / unconventional side-mounted motor air curtains ) to suit differing opening conditions & heights till 24 feet.

Mission Statement

• To be 'most preferred and dependable' air curtain brand for buyers across every market segment in our region of operation.
• To ensure our products facilitate in maintaining sustainable environmental conditions and lowering of carbon footprint. .

Vision Statement

• To build the widest range of effective, durable and energy efficient air curtains for our buyers.
• To produce well-engineered air curtains that contribute towards lower product and spares replacement - resulting in longer product life-cycle. .