In our endeavour to provide superior air curtain solutions to our buyers, we at Acme have to our credit following initiatives -

1993 : Acme offered it's customers a choice of units to opt based on end use & door sizes - 8.0 m/sec till 24.0 m/sec average velocity at source. Only air curtain manufacturer to have such wide range of air velocity / cfm spectrum in cross flow suction units.

1996 : Acme offered 100% insect repellent air barrier to food processing units. Our heavy duty, high speed air curtains facilitated insect free [ flying & crawling ] production facilities for many buyers, thus reducing their food product rejections. Benchmarked air curtains with 4-6 m/sec air speed, with nearly twice cfm of a dust / thermal barrier, as insect barrier air drafts.

2001 : Developed air curtains for our discerning buyers - for hazardous area functioning - with side mounted FLP motor units. An universally first to Acme's credit, over many other reputed brands.

2003 : Started offering side mounted NON-FLP motor air curtains for non-hazardous area openings, to buyers wanting highest level of air draft efficiency.

2004 : Produced our first unit for functioning within sub zero centigrade [-40C] temperature environment, at hardening tunnels of frozen food industry.

2011 : Developed and successfully installed air curtains of 26 m/sec air speeds, for extra high openings of 7.5m+ heights. Again an industry first.