Who We Are

At Acme Air Curtains, engineering effective and efficient air curtains is of utmost significance. Rigorous and continuous R&D coupled with thorough understanding of our models and actual site conditions play a fundamental role in our regular operations. Exactly why our customers prefer Acme Air Curtains – we understand air curtains and our client requirements.

Based at Ahmedabad, Acme Air Curtains specialize in custom designed air curtains to suit a variety of environment & sanitation requirements across industries. With thorough engineering, highly skilled employees and top of the line equipment, we produce the most powerful, effective and efficient air curtains available in the market.

Our range of commercial and industrial air curtains manage energy losses and prevent environmental contamination. We work with industry experts to develop the best air barriers to suittheir custom requirements.


More About Us

Over past 30 years, Acme Air Curtains has been creating pristine and comfortable work environments for our customers. Our quality and performance are unmatched with outstanding service and highly durable products.


To provide sanitized and comfortable work environments – by controlling energy losses, managing environmental contamination and reducing carbon footprint.


Manufacture the best air curtains for every requirement.