Industries We Serve

Air Curtains for Various Industries

Acme Air Curtains are used across industries for a variety of applications. With our engineering expertise, thorough understanding of our models and actual site conditions, we offer over 300+ unique air curtain solutions to suit various applications.

Browse through our industry-specific applications below or reach out to us to discuss how Acme Air Curtains can help provide sanitized and comfortable work environments for your company.

Food Processing & Packaging

Every operator in food processing & packaging industry is concerned about government regulations...

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Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs

Sanitation, hygiene and good manufacturing practices (GMP) are primary requirement for all pharmaceutical companies.

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Infrastructure, Logistics & Transport Terminals

External conditions at various transport terminals such as airports, railway and bus terminals...

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Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities and hospitals require clean room standards and thoroughly sanitized environments.

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Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Certain industries, including petrochemicals, chemicals and ammunition manufacturing facilities...

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Yarn & Textiles

For manufacturers of yarn and textile industry, it is essential to maintain ambient conditions to facilitate...

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Cold Storages & Cold Chains

Sustaining proper temperatures is essential for protecting the shelf life of goods stored in cold storage's...

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Each industry in this manufacturing sector face a set of unique challenges...

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Restaurants & Cafes

Prevention of food contamination and foodborne illness is a primary concern for operators in the restaurant and quick food business.

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Commercial Outlets

Malls, movie theaters and other entertainment spaces are usually concerned with controlling higher...

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