Commercial air curtains
Commercial Air Curtains

Commercial Air Curtains are recommended for establishments such as retail outlets, boutique stores, grocery stores, restaurants and cafeteria, schools, universities, hospitals and transport terminals.

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Industrial air curtains
Industrial Air Curtain

Industrial Air Curtain are required at various manufacturing facilities, pharmaceuticals, petrochemical plants, automotive plants, warehouses, distribution centers, defense establishments& production facilities, food processing plants, cold storages and cold chain logistics.

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Factors to keep in mind when selecting an air curtain

  • Air curtain unit’s length should never be shorter than door width.
  • Purpose of an air curtain installation should be clearly defined; based on which the air draft parameters are designed.
  • Optimum air draft velocity (speed), air draft cfm (quantity) at source and floor level velocities are some vital parameters for creating an efficient air barrier.
  • For any conventionally installed air curtain to be effective:
    • Its air draft has to be largely uniform across any horizontal point with minimum variation in velocity across the width of any opening.
    • Depending on end use of equipment, its air draft has to reach floor level with required speeds. Hence, it is advisable to factor in height of every proposed opening, as well asprevalent internal& external environment conditions which units’ air draft may have to withstand while selecting air curtain specs.