Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs


It is inappropriate and unadvisable to install an air curtain smaller than the width of the door as there will be unprotected area on the sides, which will allow inside air to pass out and outsides air to pass in. This would contaminate internal area.

Directional vanes aid in improving efficiency of the air curtain’s air draft. Vanes are helpful to adjust air draft tilt to keep away strong air currents, dust, fumes, and insects or to lower the air turbulence, likely to take place from floor level due to Venturi effect.

Yes. All Acme Air Curtains are engineered to run 24 hours a day and all round the year, with minimum preventive maintenance efforts.

The movement of individuals or any material will not affect an Acme Air Curtain’s efficiency. An air draft will be created all around the profile of human being or object passing through it and will prevent the internal environment from contamination.

Yes, filters can be used in conjunction with suction grill or along. Filters are generally used when there is an excessive amount of dust and dirt in the air.

Yes, specially engineered models are available for this purpose. Kindly get in touch with us.

PVC strip curtains are not an alternate for air curtains. Strip curtains are physical barriers which tend to obstruct the passage of material through doors / openings. Material movement becomes cumbersome through strips and at times are responsible for accidents on shop floors. Generally, in day-to-day use, workers tend to tie up loose ends of strips on sides of the openings to avoid physical hindrances caused due to hanging strips, which lowers their productivity of material movement.

Automatic doors/fast moving roll-up doors are not a substitute to air curtains. For large workspaces with ample openings a combination of air curtains & auto doors can be complimentary to each other. A buyer can benefit immensely by using this combination in maintaining the desired workspace environment. For smaller spaces, air curtains alone may suffice.

Green building codes and ACMA* recommends air curtains over expensive air lock spaces. Expensive building spaces used to create locks, may alternately be used for some more productive activity or can be totally done away with. Installing effective air curtains offers same benefits as that of an air lock, but at a cheaper cost.
*Air Movement & Control Association International Inc. (An authority on Air Systems Components)


An air curtain will operate with equal efficiency on either side of the doorway. However, it is essential to remember that whenever installing an air curtain, the door should preferably open on the opposite side of the air curtain without rupturing the unit’s air draft. Exceptional situation can be, when the door is to remain open for a very long time. Depending on the site conditions, our team advises on how and where should the air curtain be mounted.

This depends very much on the site conditions and the space available above the door opening. Ideally, around two inches above the door is recommended – again, there are exceptional site conditions for which customized solutions need to be executed.

The average time required to install the unit on firm wall surface is around two hours. This time may vary for installations on MS structures or Aluminum & glass panels.

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