Flame Proof Air curtains

Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Certain industries, including petrochemicals, chemicals and ammunition manufacturing facilities, have various processes and environments that can create hazardous gases, fumes and fine dust particles. It is essential to maintain safe and hygienic work environments in such industries to prevent situations that could lead to major mishaps.

At Acme Air Curtains, we manufacture customized flame-proof (FLP) or non FLP air curtains to cater to hazardous or non-hazardous work environments.

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Acme Air Curtains contains internal areas environment within department

Acme Air Curtains keep internal areas sanitized and free from external pollutants, flies &insects

Acme Air Curtains maintain inside temperature and ambient conditions for employees working comfort

Acme air curtain helps reduce disruption of manufacturing processes by preventing hazardous dust, corrosive fumes or gases from damaging sensitive electronic components of control rooms