Food Industry Air Curtains

Food Processing & Packaging

Every operator in food processing & packaging industry is concerned about government regulations and licensing requirements, danger of food contamination, food borne illnesses and customers’ expectation of hygienic, high-quality food. In addition to these, players in food processing & packaging industry are also keen to keep their operational expenses and high utility bills in check.

At Acme Air Curtains, we work diligently to address these ongoing concerns of some large brands in this industry by maintaining sanitized work environments that prevent entry of various contaminants, including dust, odor and insects.

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Acme Air Curtains maintain inside temperature and ambient conditions in food processing & packaging areas and thereby allows the HVAC system’s compressors to run less. Resulting, better product storage conditions and lower power consumption

Acme Air Curtains at department openings keep internal areas free from contaminants.