Door Air Curtains Models


Each industry in this manufacturing sector face a set of unique challenges with environment conditions as well as regulations governing these industries vary. Peculiar conditions include – extra high door openings, continuous man and material movement, high ceilings, multiple indoor environment (air conditioned, non-air conditioned, sub-zero environments, handling of explosive materials and chemicals etc) – such conditions eventually lead to environmental contamination and higher spend on energy bills.

We engineer custom air curtains to facilitate stable indoor environment for various industries in the manufacturing sector. Developing a variety of air curtains for extra high openings are our expertise.

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Acme Air Curtains keep internal areas sanitized and free from external pollutants, fumes, odor, dust, humidity and insects.

Acme Air Curtains maintain the inside temperature and ambient conditions for the comfort of employees

Acme Air Curtains help manage higher utility bills by reducing conditioned air losses