Pharma Industry Air Curtains

Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs

Sanitation, hygiene and good manufacturing practices (GMP) are primary requirement for all pharmaceutical companies. Government regulations and international licensing bodies including USFDA prioritize clean and pollutant free environment, for hygienic manufacturing of various bulk drugs,medicines and vaccines.

At Acme Air Curtains, we work diligently to address various sanitation requirements of industry leaders by providing clean work environments that prevent entry of various contaminants, including dust, fumes and insects into the manufacturing set-up from doors and openings.

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Acme Air Curtains keep internal areas free from contaminants to maintain hygienic work environment.

Acme air curtains help containing hazardous environment from non-hazardous.

Acme Air Curtains help maintain inside temperature and ambient conditions for pharmaceutical companies and thereby provide ambient workspaces with climatic comfort for higher productivity of staff.

Acme Air Curtains help manage utility bills by reducing conditioned air losses.