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with centrally mounted heavy duty industrial 3 phase motor

Where to use

Ideally for industrial openings of 212 – 267 inches height

Primary purpose

Prevents dust, conditioned air losses, odor and fumes from entering through doors or pathways. For effective insect barrier air curtain please connect with our customer care executives or drop an email.


Available in lengths from 42 to 60 inches in increment of 6 inches

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Technical Details
  • Average Velocity at source 24 – 26 m/sec delivering 1 -1.5 m/sec at floor level.
  • Cfm of air draft 4330 min to 6190 max.
  • Noise level @ distance of 10 feet from unit in controlled environment 69 dB in to 77 dB max.
  • 3-phase motor. IE2 TE type S1 duty.
  • All units with totally sealed deep groove double bearings lubricated with synthetic lubricant.
  • All units with shaft mounted aluminum alloy flow fans.
  • Equipment is good for non-hazardous environments.
  • All SS fasteners.
  • Metal to metal contact points of chassis provided with neoprene rubber separators.

Velocity of air curtain at the floor level / at the end of opening varies with the height of every entrance and the pressure difference between the indoors and outdoors. Above results are under test conditions at our factory site only, which may vary under actual site condition. All velocities & cfm measured without pre-filters. Above images are not to the scale, for representative purposes only. All/Any specifications may undergo a change without prior notice.

  • Auto actuation control panel – optional
  • Material of Construction* – CRC MS standard
    (*determined by Acme Air Curtains based on actual site conditions)
  • Colour Options* – Black, Ivory or Custom*. Black is standard.
  • Prefilters – single ply single frame polymer prefilters – optional
  • Hazardous Conditions – optional
  • Enhanced Motor Requirements – optional

These features are not available by default in all our models. These are add-on features. Acme Air Curtains are customized to suit specific site conditions and hence would require prior guidelines to incorporate these features

Custom colour can be requested for MOQ of 6 units or more. Additional charges apply.

For speciality high efficiency air curtains, please connect with our customer care. These are custom engineered air curtains available on request. Ideal for openings experiencing high outside wind velocities and/or wind tunnel effect and/or equipments required for hazardous work areas.