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Acme Air Curtains is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company

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With over 30 years of experience across industries, we engineer 300+ unique air curtains for industrial and commercial applications.


ACME Air Curtains offers a wide line of products to suit variety of applications across industries.

Food Processing & Packaging

Every operator in food processing & packaging industry is concerned about government regulations...

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Pharmaceuticals & Bulk Drugs

Sanitation, hygiene and good manufacturing practices (GMP) are primary requirement for all pharmaceutical companies.

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Infrastructure, Logistics & Transport Terminals

External conditions at various transport terminals such as airports, railway and bus terminals...

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Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities and hospitals require clean room standards and thoroughly sanitized environments.

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Chemicals & Petrochemicals

Certain industries, including petrochemicals, chemicals and ammunition manufacturing facilities...

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Yarn & Textiles

For manufacturers of yarn and textile industry, it is essential to maintain ambient conditions to facilitate...

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Cold Storages & Cold Chains

Sustaining proper temperatures is essential for protecting the shelf life of goods stored in cold storage's...

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Each industry in this manufacturing sector face a set of unique challenges...

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Restaurants & Cafes

Prevention of food contamination and foodborne illness is a primary concern for operators in the restaurant and quick food business.

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Commercial Outlets

Malls, movie theaters and other entertainment spaces are usually concerned with controlling higher...

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Each door is unique. Environment conditions at each opening are determined by geographical location and the client industry. At Acme Air Curtains, we understand this and engineer customized air curtains to suit each requirement.

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Why choose Acme Air Curtains?

Guaranteed floor level velocities

For achieving end use of air curtain installation*

Durable & long lasting air curtains

Average functional life of 8-10 years*

Functions 24x7x365

Without any preconditions*

Higher velocity & cfm

For industrial applications

Uniform, Consistent and Thicker Air Barrier to prevent contaminants

Engineered with cross flow suction to offer lower percentage variation of air velocity across any horizontal point of the air draft

Industrial motors

Super efficient motors to support frequent intermittent functioning or continuous functioning

Over 300+ custom air curtain

Models to choose from

Functional across a wide range of external temperatures

For applications in a variety of industries and manufacturing areas operating in hazardous and subzero temperatures

Corrosion free functional life

Efficient air curtains designed with heavy gauge steel and elaborate coatings

Acme Air Curtains making a difference

Case Study

Thermal and Humidity Barrier

A leading cooperative dairy faced severe temperature issues at their cold rooms resulting in conditioned air losses due to which end quality of dairy products stored were affected. Subsequently as a result of conditioned air losses, a longer cooling time was required to cool the room, which in turn led to higher power consumption.

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Insect Barrier

A MNC manufacturing specialty chemicals & adhesives, as lead supplier to a leading MNC manufacturing hygiene products faced severe insect issues at their production set up.

Acme Air Curtain Team was called in to remedy this situation – at stake was our prospective buyer’s reputation and their relationship with their customer.

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reduction in entry of bugs and insects*

Air losses


reduction in conditioned air losses*



reduction in entry of dust particles*

Explore Acme Air Curtains and learn about our client impact

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How to choose a right air curtain?

Step 1 : Utility

Identify whether the air curtain is needed for industrial or commercial purpose

Step 2 : Building Type

Identify the type of building. For example, whether it is a university, hospital, restaurant, pharmaceutical manufacturing plant, cold storage etc

Step 3 : Door Specifications

Each door is unique. To create effective and efficient air barrier, it is essential to have:

  • Door Dimensions
  • Mounting Surface
  • Purpose of air curtain installtion i.e. prevent dust, insects, fumes and odor or conditioned air losses. Or simply for regulatory compliances.
  • Opening type: Door opening has sliding doors, rolling shutters, double doors etc
  • External and Internal environment at the opening

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Building Type
Door Specifications
Personal Details
Manufacturing & Warehouses
Building Type
Sub catagories
Door Dimensions
Mounting Surface
Floor Level

Is the floor level on either side of the proposed opening

Type of Door
Purpose of air curtain installation
Position of opening
Source of Contaminants
Type of contaminants
Conditions on the outer side of the opening
Environment Conditions
Presence of Air currents
Conditions on the inner side of the opening
Environment Conditions
Presence of Air currents
Desired Power Supply

Requirement for autoactuation

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